My Platform

Limited Government

Our founding fathers knew that in order for the liberty of the people to be preserved, the powers of the government must be limited. As your city councilman, I will work to ensure that our city government does not overly intrude on our freedoms or burden its citizens with heavy or unnecessary taxes.

Efficient Government

Our city government has a specific charter to provide quality services to its citizens, the most important of which include fire and public safety protection, delivery of clean water, sanitation services and the maintenance of streets and other public facilities. As your city councilman, I will work to ensure that every tax dollar is spent wisely and that our city government continually works to improve the value and the quality of the services it offers.

Responsive Government

I believe that our city government must be of, by, and for the people of Bedford. Our government should be transparent at all times, and ready to listen to the voices of its citizens. As your city councilman, I will listen to the ideas and opinions of the people and will work to ensure that the citizens of Bedford always know what is going on at City Hall.