Promises Kept (2015-2018)

Common Sense Government
  • Lowered the tax rate and fought tax rate increases.
    • Consistently fought to keep tax rates stable, to maintain our current level of excellent service while allowing for adjustments for inflation.
    • Fought against a new electronic voting system for city council. This system cost $20,000 up front and will cost Bedford taxpayers an additional $10,000 a year FOREVER. This is nothing but a shiny toy that is not needed; almost all cities our size or even larger vote by voice. Why spend all this money?
  • Started replacing our cities aging water infrastructure
    • Used innovative funding through the state to replace our cities aging water infrastructure, much of it cast iron over 50 years old, to avoid repeated costly repairs for water line breaks and subsequent street repairs. This saved Bedford tax payers $3.5 Million.
  • Respect Bedford Citizens
    • Fought against the locking of the water meter boxes. It is insulting to imply that Bedford homeowners can’t be trusted to shut off their own water in an emergency and must wait for the city to do it for them.

Economic Development
    • The new sign ordinance does some good things but it also introduces a capricious and arbitrary restriction on the use of a businesses cheapest and most readily available source of advertising: its own window space. This ordinance provided no grandfather clause and caused the loss of thousands of dollars to businesses who invested in graphics and signs to advertise their business. This section of the ordinance was an unnecessary imposition of personal tastes onto the business owners of Bedford.

Serve Bedford's Citizens
  • Supported Police, Fire, and City Personnel
    • Supported the Step Plan in order to make Bedford competitive with our surrounding communities
    • Supported IvyGene testing plan for added health security for our first responders
    • Supported additional set of bunker gear for fire fighters
  • Fought ALL new apartments
    • Voted against ALL new apartment complexes and multi-family living developments: