Why I am Running
I've always thought that Bedford was a great place to live ever since I arrived here in 1993. Even before then when I visited my college sweetheart (and future wife) at her home in Bedford I thought it was a great community.

I bragged about Bedford constantly, talking to people about how peaceful and quiet it was, how it was close to anything that you would need, how perfect it was to raise a family there and how friendly the people were.

But it seems that things have changed over the years and not all for the better. Businesses seem to be slowly fading away, leaving Bedford and moving into neighboring cities. The widening of 183 seems to have caught our city leaders unprepared, further straining our business base.

When the city government won't listen to its citizens then it is time for a change. When our leaders don't act like leaders to work with different groups to come up with solutions that benefit everyone, then it is time for new leadership.

That is why I am running and I humbly ask for your vote so that we can work together for the benefit of all and bring common sense leadership back to Bedford.